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What My Clients Say...

I take special care to understand the unique needs of my clients to design custom solutions that contribute to their success. It’s a true honor for me to work with them. They are in and of themselves inspiring.

I am proud of the work I do and would like to share their comments.

“Over the years, our shop, called One of the Most Important First Edition Bookshops in the U.S., has been, and continues to be, the recipient of much widespread publicity and ongoing interviews — yet rarely have any of these had the depth, the taste, the sheer intelligence, the expertise and the level of perception as those conducted and orchestrated by John D McMahon. As an interviewer he is superb; as a photographer and videographer, we also believe him to be unparalleled. The additional plus is that aside from all his many technical gifts and talents, his generous nature, his personality, and his overall demeanor both professionally and personally combine to make him a very real and total joy. ” – Harvey Jason & Louis M. Jason, owners, Mystery Pier Books, Inc.
“When I was CMO at Scott Kay (fine jewelry designer), John was hired to direct and shoot all videos and photographs at our most important show Couture, Las Vegas in our private ballroom at the Wynn Resort. for many years in a row. He has excellent communication skills, an ability to adapt quickly, very talented in knowing how to frame a shoot in a rush and light it so that it is pleasing from an on-camera talent perspective or tabletop perspective.” – Dan Scott, President, Luxe Licensing

Dan Scott, Luxe Licensing

“I was introduced to John by the President of one of our subsidiary companies FASTSTEEL. That was many years ago. Since that time, we’ve worked together and have become good friends. He always effectively managed graphic design and video projects with a balance of good judgement and cost efficiency. More importantly, he understood how to visually communicate complex technologies and concepts to our constituents in ways that were clear, effective, and impactful.” – Charles E. Gathers, Chairman, MMFX Steel and Leading Ventures

Charles E. Gathers, Leading Venture

Insightful Research, Compelling Words, Lean– Your Content, Perfected

Core. Values
I believe in delighting clients and caring for each other as a team. Clients are a vehicle for us to impress our gifts and impact the world.

Sovereignty: I believe each person is responsible for themselves. I represent full ownership – of my scheduled work time, creativity, and impact.

Efficiency: I believe in working hard and getting things done, not trying to get things done.

Integrity: I like doing what is right and honorable for our team and clients.

Creativity: I am the visionary behind the vision! I alchemize clients’ brands and make magic of their stories.

Equanimity: I am most powerful when calm and committed to bringing this energy and professionalism into every interaction. I know my energy and intent infuse into my work and the people I work with!

If you want a dedicated professional who is passionate about visual communication and creating value-driven content with character, integrity, and a good work and team ethic, please contact me.

My dedication to the principle of constant and never-ending improvement is not just a statement, but a reassurance of my commitment to excellence. I approach my work with a missionary zeal rather than a mercenary mindset, always striving to make a positive contribution to every project I undertake.